Kassiwi is an Abenaki Indian word translated as “Together.” The Abenaki Indians are one of five Algonquin tribes belonging to the Wabanaki Confederacy. This Confederacy was largely distributed across the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. While the Abenaki are a unique tribe, their name is often used interchangeably to mean the entire Wabanaki Confederacy.

Kassiwi Associates honors the spirit of the Abenaki in name and in architecture as a networked business model that offers affordable access to proven Fortune 100- level
multi-disciplined business talent. Whether in a down economic cycle fighting to survive or in a good cycle seeking to improve, the resources of Kassiwi can provide the expertise that “Bridges the Gap” between your current state and your desired future state. The foundation of Kassiwi is found below:

. . .Accelerate great ideas to sustainable value

. . . Integrity to share our truth
. . . Respect for every human potential
. . . Passion for each client’s success

. . .
Deliver our expertise and lessons learned to assure client success….

. . .Create an open environment to facilitate information sharing
. . . Maintain a global connectivity and operating model
. . . Be a beacon of stewardship for our world, country, and community